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MonGOlia | 250km Ultra marathon July 2018

Posted by Raven Crystals on 8/17/2018 to Gaia Qi and Elemental Energies
MonGOlia | 250km Ultra marathon July 2018
HAHAHA – so this is really happening! Raising my adventure level higher and higher and going waaaay beyond my comfort zone. I am running in my first multi-day stage race in MonGOlia at the end of July 2018. Interested in following my progress as I trek 250km across the amazing and beautiful country of MonGOlia, check out the 4 Deserts website for up to date postings and other information on the Gobi March. Please also checkout my postings on Raven’s Blog for more information and my experiences in prepping and training for this race. 


Andrea Lehr
Leona Divide 50k (April 2018) 
photo credit to Smugmug

Nine months ago, running through Mongolia in the Gobi March seemed so random, surreal, and so far away on the calendar. I knew the minute I saw my training partner’s photos of his Racing the Planet 4 Desert Race in Atacama, Chile, I had to do one of these races. It was a visceral physical response and I literally felt it in my gut. As we talked about it further, tossed around different races and locations, and consulted our calendars for availability, serendipitously the Gobi March popped up. What! My mind started to swirl on the entire scenario. Beautiful scenery, more horses than people, soaring birds, shamans, a self-supported multi-day 250km ultramarathon through Mongolia. Hmmm. Well….All this trail running and hiking has gotten me in good physical shape and has increased my endurance level. And the recent trail adventures I have experienced only encourage and inspire me to open and challenge myself more and say “YES.” And I just got my passport renewed. Mongolia seemed like a gift of divine timing and I love divine timing. With that, I said “YES” and signed up for the July 2018 Gobi March 4Deserts Race.

Finishing is winning!

Finishing is winning

MonGOlia (July 2018) 
photo credit to Racing the Planet

Check the Box: YES ~ I DID IT!

What an amazing experience!!!! 

Follow my experience trekking 250km across the lush green landscape of MonGOlia ~ start the journey here with “Its GO time”

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