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Scepter Quartz Crystals #12520
Scepter Quartz Crystal

Scepter Quartz Crystals #12520

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Clear mini Quartz Scepter Crystals from Brazil. Scepter Quartz Crystals are excellent tools for the transmission of directional energy. Scepter Quartz combines the elemental energies of Storm with the directional power of Fire fostering creativity and encouraging action. Scepter Quartz Crystal facilitates the channeling of higher vibrations. Scepter crystal brings the spirituality of the higher planes into healing ceremonies and sessions; focusing healing vibrations on the “heart” of the matter, at all levels – physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Scepter Quartz stimulates the aura, helping one to feel more energetic and positive about moving forward in a new direction. Scepter Quartz opens the creative mind and helps one to manifest thought into physical form. Scepter Quartz helps one to regain personal power, overcome a lack of motivation and feelings of procrastination, and take charge of making necessary changes in life.   
   1g+            .7"+/ 18mm                  1 piece      $2.00 

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