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Lithium Quartz Tumble Stones
Lithium Quartz Tumble Stones

Lithium Quartz Tumble Stones

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Incredible pale lavender Lithium Quartz tumble stones from Minas Gerais, Brazil. Lithium Quartz, a natural anti-depressant, is soothing and balancing to the body, mind, and heart. Lithium Quartz is a heart healing crystal and provides harmony in relationships. As an energetic crystal tool, Lithium Quartz may help to dissolve present life emotional disease as it uncovers the past source of the issue on a cellular memory level. Lithium Quartz helps one release negative attachments as it reinforces the flow of positive energy. Lithium Quartz fosters a deeper meditation for healing, emotional peace, and connection to the higher self. Lithium Quartz supports emotional openness and the release of attachments. Lithium quartz is calming to frayed nerves and helps to alleviate stress encouraging one to be present.  Lithium Quartz helps one to release expectations and surrender to the Divine Plan allowing manifestation to appear in a physical form “better than possibly imaged.” Magic. 

In healing, Lithium Quartz maybe helpful for those seeking to balance mood swings and alleviate states of depression and anxiety. Lithium Quartz cleans and supports healthy organ function.

.2oz+ / 6g+               .7"+ /  19mm+            1 piece   $1.00

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