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Posted by Raven Crystals on 11/10/2016 to Crystals and Daily Living

Lepidolite is calming and soothing, as it helps to release stress while supporting one on the path of willing acceptance. Lepidolite helps one find a harmonious path to action and facilitates the understanding that perceived problems may be viewed as positive learning opportunities. Lepidolite dissipates negativity releasing and reorganizing old emotional and behavioral patterns through reconciliation and change. Lepidolite takes the what if questions and worries and replaces them with an appreciation of the present moment. Lepidolite stimulates the intellect with its analytic qualities. Lepidolite facilitates decision making through objectivity and concentration. Filtering distractions, Lepidolite focuses on what is important. Lepidolite is also helpful for those who have difficulty in setting appropriate boundaries. Lepidolite helps one overcome the fear of judgment and helps one to identify and set strong, clear boundaries on all levels, emotional, physical, and energetic. With the creation of these personal energetic boundaries, Lepidolite supports self-discipline and the concept of ones personal space. Lepidolite is an excellent stone for business, as it combines the energy of diplomacy with direction and clear communication. Lepidolite assists one with openness and honesty and supports one in handling situations and perceived obstacles in the highest way, preserving ones integrity and well-being.