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Lazulite Polished Gallets
Lazulite Polished Gallets

Lazulite Polished Gallets

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Beautiful banded dark blue Lazulite with metallic speckled inclusions polished palm size stones from Ambatfinhandrana, Madagascar, Africa. Lazulite with its calming energetic vibrations, is a wonderful crystal tool for clarity and meditation. Lazulite provides energetic support for the brain and mind as it stimulates concentration and focus, offers memory enhancement, and encourages original thinking.  Lazulite provides an energetic grounding connection from self to the divine and universal energies allowing for the flow of intuitive thought and psychic awareness. Lazulite also provides insight into the underlying cause of personal behaviors, overcoming worries, the release of anxious feelings, and intuitive answers as solutions to challenges. Lazulite is a stone of inspiration supporting an energetic pathway for the flow of creative and innovative thoughts. Lazulite promotes feelings of confidence and self-worth through self-discovery and balanced actions. Lazulite may be helpful to those who are dealing with addictive tendencies.  Lazulite is an excellent crystal tool for accessing the subconscious mind. Following the Law of Attraction – “Like attracts like,” Lazulite is helpful for those manifesting dreams into reality. Lazulite supports the awareness of vibrational match and positive intentions and beliefs enhancing affirmations and manifestation.

In healing, Lazulite may be helpful in the balancing of brain functioning, brain health and memory. Lazulite may be helpful for headache and migraine relief. Lazulite may be helpful in the mending of broken bones. Lazulite may be helpful in maintaining the health of the thyroid, pituitary, liver, lymph glands and improving immunity.

2.6oz+ / 74g+        2.2" x .8"+ / 56mm x 20mm +              1 piece  $10.00

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