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Kambaba Stone Polished Gallets
Kambaba Stone Polished Gallets

Kambaba Stone Polished Gallets

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Gorgeous swirling orbicular color patterns of green and black mark these polished Kambaba Stone polished gallets from Africa. These polished Kambaba stone gallets would make excellent "hand comforters" to use in times of stress. A form of Rhyolite, Kambaba Stone may energetically assist with the development of skills, ability, and integrity. Kambaba Stone stimulates creative expression and the ability to express your truth while speaking about difficult topics. Kambaba Stone facilitates understanding the reason behind necessary changes. Kambaba Stone helps one to release negative expectations and perceived outcomes and energizes one for moving joyfully forward in life. Kambaba Stone is an excellent crystal tool for procrastinators and those who need help completing projects. Kambaba Stone is a natural crystal remedy for calming animals.

4.9oz+ / 138g+            2.3" + / 59mm  +                                      1 piece               $10.00 

For more information ~  Green Crystals

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