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In the Garden with Raven Crystals

Posted by Raven Crystals on 4/5/2018 to Crystal Healing Tools
In the Garden with Raven Crystals

The calendar says it is spring time even though the weather may or may not be cooperating depending on your location. In any case, you can start having fun planning if not actually planting your garden.

gardening with crystals

I personally have to invest a bit of sweat equity into my backyard garden plot. My post winter garden boxes are in a very sorry state and with the recent rain the Los Angeles area received, I now have a ton of weeds to pull before I can even begin to play and plant! Fortunately, I am motivated as I love the many benefits I experience with time spent in the garden.

gardening with crystals

For starters, I find gardening gives me the opportunity to “clock out” and “be present” acknowledging the natural cycle and divine timing of all things. Gardening is grounding. When we spend time in the garden we connect with the frequencies of the plants and the Earth. This garden grounding has an opening and balancing effect on our chakras. These life affirming energies support and stimulate the action of the first three chakras. When we feel secure, well-fed, and healthy, our consciousness flows to other levels, allowing for transformation and growth. Grounding is simplifying; as it keeps us present to the “here and now.” Our bodies are physically present in this space and time NOW while our thoughts and dreams extend outside the boundaries of these physical dimensions. When our thoughts and intentions are channeled and become more focused, the energies flow into substance creating material manifestation. Working with plant energies and spending time in the garden connects us to nature and acts as a channel for the life energies that surround and support each of us. Grounding also provides a downward channel giving one an outgoing energetic circuit. This prevents psychic overload and provides protection for us from becoming “overloaded” by the tensions of everyday life. Grounding sends stressful vibrations back to the Earth, in effect recycling the energetic stream. When we release stress and tension there is an increase in our vitality levels and life force. When one is grounded, you have the clarity to draw on your abilities and past experiences to handle any situation. When grounded, decisions are more easily made, worries about the future are released, and the enjoyment and magic of the present moment are experienced with a sense of clarity.

Gardening with crystals

There are many health and physical benefits associated with gardening. Planting a garden of vegetables and herbs makes for a gratifying experience and is an excellent source of fresh local produce. Growing your own food and herbs provides for a more sustainable environmental footprint and you have the comfort in knowing where and exactly how your food is grown. Your food is energetically affected by the environment it is grown in, as well as, the consciousness of the people who are growing, harvesting, packaging, and transporting it to the market.
Bending, stretching, digging, carrying, and sweating. Sound familiar? All those activities are a part of gardening. Gardening keeps you moving and active and may help prevent and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, cancer, and other associated lifestyle diseases. All that physical activity is great for a healthy state of exercise fatigue allowing for a more relaxed state of mind and possibly creating a better, more restful sleep at night – you earned it!

crystal garden heart

Gardening gives us the chance to venture outside, breathe in the fresh air, soak up some natural Vitamin D, create a space and an outlet for creativity, and allows us to contribute to making our world a prettier and healthier place. There have been quite a few studies offering results indicating that walking, working, or even just viewing a garden or green spaces have healthy psychological benefits. Feelings of anxiety and depression may be reduced by working in the garden and spending time outside. Personally, gardening was one of the ways I handled my feelings of grief and sadness after my mother passed away. I tilled the soil daily with my tears and thoughts of my mom. Planting lots of yellow flowers in memory of my mom was a positive way to channel my feelings of grief. Little did I know at the time, but getting my hands in the dirt also lifted my sadness with some help from a beneficial soil bacteria known as Mycobacterium vaccae. This friendly soil bacteria has been found to support the immune system and alleviate symptoms associated with inflammation such as allergies, asthma, skin issues, and gut related mental health issues.

gardening with crystals

Get grounded and creative with some dirt, plant your intentions, and add some fab-u-lous crystals to enhance your manifestations and watch your garden grow!
Here are some crystal gardening suggestions for you

  • Green colored crystals are garden friendly
  • Quartz crystal clusters would be great in a community garden as they radiate energy outwards and bring community members together
  • Smoky quartz or obsidian crystals are good for protection and grounding
  • Fairy quartz or Chlorite to attract the elemental earth devas
  • Rose quartz for forgiveness, patience, and LOVE
  • Consider adding some bee and butterfly friendly plants to your garden ~ we are all connected :)
  • Create a sacred space - plant your garden as a mandala or as a sacred geometry grid enhancing the energies for more plant growth and nutritional value and as a place of contemplation.
garden crystals

Good luck and may there be no grub worms in your future.

For more information check out these sources:

THIS amazing book is full of inspiration and information: Sacred Geometry Gardens by Cheryl Leigh Gama

Healing Spaces ~ The Science of Place and Well-being by Esther M. Sternberg, MD

Check out Findhorn and Perelandra for examples and information on cooperative gardening with nature's intelligence.

Mindfully Green ~ A Personal and Spiritual Guide to Whole Earth Thinking by Stephanie Kaza

Nature-Speak ~ Signs, Omens & Messages in Nature by Ted Andrews

University of Colorado ~ Boulder’s study on Mycobacterium vaccae