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Icicle Agate Tumble Stones
Icicle Agate Tumble Stones

Icicle Agate Tumble Stones

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Beautiful frosty creamy and gingerbread beige color Icicle Agate tumble stones from Oregon, USA. Icicle Agate is an empowering crystal providing strength during times of activity. Icicle Agate promotes a cheerful point of view coming from a place of inner peace and acknowledgement of the JOY that may be found in one's life. Icicle Agate supports the expression of the love of life, self-love and self-acceptance. Icicle Agate may be helpful in eliminating mundane worries and concerns. Icicle Agate may be used to initiate movement of the kundalini energies up the spinal column through the chakra centers. Icicle Agate may be helpful to find lost things or misplaced items. Icicle Agate may help one fade in the background and to blend in with a crowd. Icicle Agate is an excellent crystal tool for those who like to solve puzzles and mysteries as it helps provide insight to solutions. Icicle Agate also may provide insight to the character of others. 

In healing, Icicle Agate may be used in the treatment of hearing problems and stomach disorders. Icicle Agate may also be supportive to those trying to diminish skin wrinkles or "orange peel" skin texture.   

 .5oz+ /14g+           1.9"+ / 48mm+        1 piece   $1.00  

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