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Hot, Hot, Hot Weather | Beat the Heat with Crystals and Cooling Visualizations

Posted by Raven Crystals on 9/6/2020 to Crystal Healing Tools
Hot, Hot, Hot Weather | Beat the Heat with Crystals and Cooling Visualizations

T-R-I-P-L-E   D-I-G-I-T   temperatures in the Los Angeles area.
We are experiencing day #? of an intense heat wave. Ridiculously hot. 
My outside plants and veggies are withering in thermal despair. 
Hunkered down inside, trying to chill out, my energetic focus is to dip my meditative toe into the cooling visualization of water, rivers, and streams. Taking advice from river energies, on this very HOT day, I am intentionally going with the flow adjusting naturally as I follow the path of least resistance........ straight into the metaphysical A/C.

                                                                                                           photo credit: Cyndi Wyatt

Physical immersion in a cool, flowing natural stream replenishes and refreshes energy levels and rejuvenates earth treading and trail running feet. If you’re stuck in the heat and can’t get to a cooler place, try splashing cool water on your face and over your body’s cooling/pulse points located at the feet, wrists, neck, and temples for some relief. On the trail with no time for a toe dip or out exercising? You can soak an item of clothing in water and wrap it around the various body cooling points or wear a damp bandana. 

The flowing water of the rivers and streams releases negative ions into the air which increases the levels of serotonin positively affecting your mood and well-being. Listening to the sounds of the blurbling water as it flows by is also very soothing and relaxing. know those are happy feet.

Toe Dipping

Choosing to stay inside because it’s too darn HOT outside? 

Create a chillaxing vibe wherever you are – mediate and visualize on river energies and cool, flowing waters. 


River and streams represent the flow of creativity, how we express our feelings, movement, and purification. The element of water is associated with the emotions, time passage and life changes, and adaptability to circumstances. The energetic frequencies of the Earth, water sources, plants and animals have an opening and balancing effect on our chakras. These life affirming energies support and stimulate the action of the first three chakras.  When one feels secure, well-fed, and healthy, our consciousness flows to other levels, allowing for transformation, growth, and physical manifestation.

The flowing movement of the river water is a catalyst and channel for continual forward progress and breaking out of repetitive behavior patterns. River energies support the ability to navigate around shallow ground and areas that are blocked with debris collected over time or as the result of an event. Meditating with the energies of the river may be helpful for moving through past life issues and perceived obstacles. Soft and yielding, the flow of water is constantly adjusting to the river and stream's environmental conditions as it courses around and finds a way over rocks and other obstacles in the terrain. Because it is fluid, water “shapeshifts” and fills the space of whatever container it is poured into. Water teaches one about adaptability and flexibility. Where are your boundaries? What contains you or limits your ability to be flexible?  


        photo credit: Erick Gustafson

Traveling along rivers and streams may be symbolic for the journey into the watery realm of emotions, dreams and visions. River and stream energies connect us with nature and remind us to go with the flow by following the path of least resistance and how to be persistent and patient over a long period of time.


Keep the Vibe High is my mode of operandi.

My energetic focus is to stay in the present moment and cultivate joyful energetic vibrations that help to “lighten the load” when responsibilities and situations seem a bit overwhelming and/or mundane. I appreciate the crystalline support for helping me release negative thoughts, feelings of depression and anxiety, fears and built up tension. Crystals are always a beautiful reminder to be gentle with myself and with others. Crystals are useful elemental tools for up-cycling any negative vibe into a positive, energetic and encouraging outlook. In my experience, I find it is very beneficial to slooooowwww it all down when things appear to be happening too quickly, or I feel unprepared, or powerless to deal with circumstances seemingly out of my control. I remind myself to TRUST, be patient and persevere, go with the flow, and for Earth’s sake CHILL OUT.

Here are some energetic suggestions to Beat the Heat, cool it down, and avoid a meltdown

Beat the Heat

Meditate with Blue Crystals like Shattuckite or Celestite.


Soothing to the nervous system, the color blue is cooling visually and helpful in reducing feelings of stress, anxiety, and nervousness. Blue crystals in your environment energetically support a peaceful space without any distractions or disruptions. Blue crystals, much like the watery course of a river, create a fluid path flowing with integrity, faith, steadfastness, and purpose. Blue crystals are soothing for the mental state, relaxing, and focusing thoughts. Creating a mental space, for slowing “it” all down, Blue Crystals support introspection and the release of the perceived “need” to control, so one may be energetically grounded creating the ability to make clear, correct choices in the midst of upheaval and change.

Cranky energy

Sweaty, uncomfortable, a bit snappy with the reply?…

Hot and humid weather can certainly elevate the crankiness level. Many people feel a little hot tempered and act out in a more aggressive manner when the mercury rises. Hot weather can certainly take a toll on our physical body but extreme heat can also test our mental and emotional states as well. Unhappiness and irritation may be caused by a negative mental attitude due to a lack of control and restrictions (safety first) placed on outside activities due the sweltering heat. Add trouble sleeping at night, dehydration from not enough water or too many poolside beverages, and we have the potential perfect storm for quick tempered heat related bad decisions. Practice forgiveness with Rose Quartz, energetically uplift your surroundings with Orgonite generators, and infuse your environment with essential oils such as relaxing lavender, rose, and cooling peppermint and spearmint.

Rose Quartz Orgonite

Orgonite generators are energetic vibration enhancers created for elemental healing and uplifting environmental vibration levels. Orgonite sculptures, such as pyramids, spheres, wands, disks, etc are created from catalyzed fiberglass resin molds filled with elemental components such as crystals, gemstones, and metal shavings. When placed in a personal space or as a healing tool, it is said that the Orgonite balances and strengthens the energetic field and offers protection from harmful EMFs and negative energy. It is thought that energy which is out of balance is absorbed into the Orgonite by the metal-resin-crystal matrix. Polarized positive energy vibrations are released back into the environment due to piezoelectric effect of the crystals encased and under the pressure from the formed resin matrix.