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Honey Calcite Mushroom Carvings
Honey Calcite Mushroom Carvings

Honey Calcite Mushroom Carvings

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Groovy creamy golden hued Honey Calcite Mushroom Carvings. Honey Calcite assists with mental clarity, directing, grounding, and focusing the energy necessary to successfully complete long term projects. Honey calcite activates and harmonizes the energies of the root chakra, solar plexus and third eye chakra.  Honey Calcite stimulates the intellect so that one may analyze and view challenges with the most effective solutions.  Honey Calcite provides clarity and is helpful when studying and developing new skills. Honey Calcite supports one’s attention and persistence over the “long haul.” Honey Calcite supports mental alertness as well as facilitates a state of relaxation and stress reduction while working. Honey Calcite gives one faith and the determination to break out of old patterns and go forth in a new direction. Honey Calcite helps to overcome procrastination and assists one in releasing fears and moving forward through perceived blockages of unrealized abundance. 

     1.6oz/ 46g        48mm x 33mm / 1.9" x 1.3"         $10.00 each


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