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Heulandite Crystal Clusters
Heulandite Crystal Clusters

Heulandite Crystal Clusters

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Beautiful natural peach colored Heulandite crystal clusters from Nasik, India. Heulandite facilitates reading and understanding the Akashic Records and facilitates meditative states. Heulandite is a wonderful crystal tool for Reiki energy healing. Heulandite can also take you back into the past to release negative emotions and changed ingrained habits or behavior, replacing these with openness to new ways and exciting possibilities. Heulandite assists to diminish distressing ideas and conditions, allowing one to release the bonds of custom, privilege, conceit and jealousy. Heulandite can help one to feel calm and centered, enlightened, and ease feelings of emotional burden. Heulandite can be invaluable for spiritual self healing, regain knowledge and skills from past life memories to resolve psychological problems and/or blockages. Heulandite calms nervousness and alleviates fear. Heulandite enhances cognitive abilities and clarity of thought. 


In healing, Heulandite may be useful in physical recovery from heart attacks, angina, and other heart related ailments. Heulandite may be used in the dispersion of growths and may be used to enhance weight loss. Heulandite may be used in the treatment of disorders of the feet, and shortness of breath. 
1.1oz+ / 30g+              2.2" x .7"+ / 56mm x 18mm+           1 piece          $10.00 

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