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Hematoid Polished Gallets
Hematoid Polished Gallets

Hematoid Polished Gallets

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Beautiful Hematoid Quartz Polished Gallets with translucent terra cotta red colored hematite interior veins from Madagascar, Africa. The energetic combination of Hematite and Quartz Crystal creates healing support and positive action coupled with an abundance of physical energy and vitality. Quartz Crystal is a powerful healing and energy amplifier. Quartz Crystal absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy.  Quartz Crystal protects against radiation and generates electromagnetism and dispels static electricity.  Quartz crystal works at a vibrational level attuned to the specific energy requirements of the person needing healing or undertaking spiritual work.  Quartz crystal raises energy to the highest possible level, Clear Quartz works on all levels of being.

Hematite is an excellent crystal tool for grounding and protecting, harmonizing mind, body and spirit. Hematite is a stone of integration. Hematite facilitates the path to a peaceful way of being. Following the Law of Attraction – “Like attracts like,” Hematite is helpful for those manifesting dreams into reality. Hematite dissolves negativity and prevents negative energies from entering the aura. Hematite enhances will power and is useful in overcoming compulsions and addictions. Hematite treats overeating, smoking or any form of overindulgence. Hematite counteracts spaciness and confusion, helping one to see the practical side and to move forward with purpose. Hematite stimulates concentration and focus, memory enhancement, and original thinking. 

In healing, these medium sized polished Hematoid polished stones would make excellent "hand comforters" to use in times of stress. Hematoid quartz supports the kidneys in cleansing blood. Hematite helps with the regeneration of tissue. Hematite stimulates the absorption of iron and the formation of red blood cells. Hematite may be useful in de-toxing and strengthening the liver.  Quartz Crystal is a master healer and may be used for any condition. Quartz Crystal stimulates the immune system and brings the body into energetic balance. 

4oz+ / 114g+        2.1" x 1.1"+ / 55mm x 30mm+            $10.00 each

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