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Green Tourmaline Rod in Quartz Matrix
Green Tourmaline Rod in Quartz Matrix

Green Tourmaline Rod in Quartz Matrix

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Beautiful natural dark sage colored Green Tourmaline rod crystals in white Quartz Matrix from Brazil. Green Tourmaline enhances psychic abilities and attunes you to your spiritual purpose. Green Tourmaline is an excellent crystal tool for meditation as Quartz filters out distractions. Green Tourmaline opens the heart chakra promoting compassion, tenderness, patience and a sense of belonging. Green Tourmaline transforms negative to positive energies, dispels fears, and promotes openness. Green Tourmaline harmonizes the meridians, the subtle bodies and the chakras. Green Tourmaline magnetizes the wearer to prosperity and abundance, and has the power to heal plants. In healing, Green Tourmaline treats eyes, heart, and thymus, brain and immune system. Green Tourmaline may be helpful to facilitate weight loss and useful as a detoxifier.  

 61oz+ / 174g+             3"+/  77mm+         1 piece    $20.00  

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