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Green Opal Polished Gallets
Green Opal Polished Gallets

Green Opal Polished Gallets

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Beautiful mottled olive green colored Opal polished gallets from Madagascar, Africa. Green Opal is a cleansing and rejuvenating stone that promotes emotional recovery and aids relationships. Green Opal has the ability to filter information and reorients the mind, giving meaning to everyday life. Green Opal helps to create a spiritual perspective on life situations. Green Opal strengthens the immune system and alleviates colds and flu. Green Opal may be used to assist one during periods of fasting. Green Opal facilitates the understanding of healthful dietary habits and helps in cleansing the physical body internally and promotes rejuvenation. When used during fasting, Green Opal helps to one to not focus on feelings of limitation and energizes one to follow other pursuits. Green Opal promotes a relaxed state of mind and provides information in regards to problem solving during dream states. Green Opal's energetic vibrations support the knowledge that one is always in control of one's choices in life. In crystal healing grids or body layouts, Green Opal may be helpful to clear the heart chakra and aids with promoting clarity.

1.8oz+/ 51g+         2" x 1"+/ 52mm x 26mm+          $10.00 each
For more information ~ Opal and Green Crystals

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