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Green Aventurine Orgonite Disk
Green Aventurine Orgonite Disk

Green Aventurine Orgonite Disk

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Beautiful various shades of green Aventurine crystal chips and a rusty-orange colored copper spiral fill this Orgonite generator disk. Aventurine Orgonite generators are energetic vibration enhancers created for elemental healing, uplifting environmental vibration levels, empowering the mind with awareness, and direct supporting healing energies through the conscious body. When placed in a personal space or as a healing tool, Aventurine Orgonite balances and strengthens the energetic field and offers protection from harmful EMFs and negative energy. This green aventurine orgonite provides focus for energy that is a comforting, heart healing, and harmonizing while protecting the heart and aids in rebuilding depleted energy sources. It is thought that energy which is out of balance is absorbed into the Orgonite by the metal-resin-crystal matrix. Polarized positive energy vibrations are released back into the environment due to piezoelectric effect of the crystals encased and under the pressure from the formed resin matrix. The smooth surface of the Aventurine Orgonite disk facilitates an optimistic and gives one a motivating attitude, keeps the energy moving, and a supports a fully lived life. Green Aventurine helps one move forward with confidence when facing changes and new situations. Traditionally used as a gambler's talisman, a stone of "good luck," Green Aventurine helps manifest greater prosperity. Green Aventurine soothes emotional wounds and helps one to release unhealthy relationships and outdated behavioral patterns. Encouraging a positive attitude, Green Aventurine helps one to release attachment to experiences and to view challenging circumstances as an opportunity for growth.

Copper spiral is an excellent energy conductor and channeling tool as it stimulates electricity and mystical subtle energies from the higher planes. Copper is said to enhance thoughts and healing energies. Copper facilitates the conductivity and transmittal of electrical impulses and brain wave patterns while magnifying healing energies from one source to another. Copper stimulates initiative and experimentation, optimism, diplomacy, and independence. Copper combats feelings of lethargy, restlessness, anxiety, depression, and non-acceptance of oneself through supportive energetic vibrations while helping with the release of self-imposed restrictions. Copper placed in Orgonite generators, crystal grids, or wired wrapped around a crystal provides energetic enhancement.

5.4oz/ 154g             2.7" dia x .9"/ 69mm dia x 24mm            $40.00

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