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Fenster Quartz Crystals
Fenster Quartz Crystals

Fenster Quartz Crystals

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Gorgeous translucent with interior reflective veils Fenster Quartz Crystals from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Fenster or Skeletal Quartz has natural etched triangle formations “windows” within the planes of the crystal. These crystallized windows of the Fenster Quartz open one to the inner landscape of the crystal and stimulate clairvoyance. In addition to carrying the generic properties of Quartz, Fenster Quartz may energetically help to heal dysfunctional patterns and outgrown emotions. Fenster Quartz is an excellent healing crystal for sending healing light and for any energy work that requires a higher vibration. Fenster Quartz may energetically throw light on the past life causes of addiction and remove them. In healing, Fenster Quartz is beneficial for multidimensional cellular memory healing, cleansing and revitalizing the organs. 

     .5oz / 14g       1.4" x 1" x .5"/ 37mm x 27mm x 12mm       1 piece   $10.00 

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