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Spirit Fairy Quartz Crystal Cluster
Spirit Fairy Quartz Crystal Cluster

Spirit Fairy Quartz Crystal Cluster

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Stunning and sparkly white grey green Spirit Fairy Quartz Crystal cluster encrusted with druzy crystals from Boekenhouthoek, South Africa. Spirit Fairy Quartz Crystal resonates with the physical body. Spirit Quartz is a strongly protective crystal with powerful cleansing properties for integration. Spirit Quartz acts like a cleanser on the physical level, preparing the body for higher energy vibrations and is supportive during the ascension process. Spirit Fairy Quartz Crystal opens the higher crown chakra, aligns, cleanses and purifies the auric field. Spirit Quartz releases one from fearful and negative thought processes and creates feelings of peace, freedom, and a sense of harmony in one’s life. Spirit Quartz helps one recognize and release deeply held emotions, dis-ease, and traumatic memories. Spirit Quartz helps one release darker thoughts, worries, and negativity. Spirit Quartz supports the transition into positive thinking and intentions and connects one to guidance from their higher self. Spirit Quartz heals and realigns the etheric blue print for the present life through the vibrations of universal love. Spirit Quartz Crystal fosters self-forgiveness and pinpoints significant karmic connections. Spirit Quartz is a stone of non-duality, perfectly balancing male and female, yin and yang energies. 

In healing, Spirit Quartz is a master healer and offers multi-dimensional healing while refreshing cellular memory.  Spirit Quartz is beneficial for detoxification, fertility, and skin eruptions.  Spirit Quartz holistically brings the body into balance.   

3.7oz / 106g         3.4" x 2.5" / 88mm x 64mm                     $30.00

For more information ~ Spirit Quartz

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