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Energetically connecting Heaven and Earth

Posted by Raven Crystals on 5/26/2017 to Gaia Qi and Elemental Energies
Energetically connecting Heaven and Earth
Connecting to Heaven and Earth
The energetic focus for me this week was to reinvigorate with a bit of fresh air and to reconnect with friends, nature and myself.  Spending the day scrambling up, down, and all around on a rocky trail gave me the opportunity to be immersed in the natural beauty of a remote environment complimented by a prolonged state of heightened awareness, energetic grounding, and the vibrational support of an entire mountain. Woohoo! 

Grounding is the important energetic process of becoming solidly present in the “here and now.” The process of grounding brings one fully in alignment with their physical body. By recognizing the limitations and boundaries of our physical body, our intentions become focused and energies flow into a state of physical manifestation. Grounding involves the opening of the lower chakras, merging with Earth’s gravity and relaxing into one’s body and into Source. Without grounding we are unstable: physically, mentally and spiritually. In losing our center, we may engage others with an emotional reaction instead of a neutral response. Without grounding, our attention wanders from the present moment, off to the noise in our heads, or off to daydreaming, or giving the appearance of just not being “present.” Without grounding, our energetic vibrations become scattered, diluted, and unproductive.  Grounding lays the foundation for the First Chakra providing the stability necessary for true growth. The First Chakra needs to be in balance before we progress to the other chakra levels. Anchoring the First Chakra allows the source of nourishment, power, and stability to flow upwards and be received from a rooted, grounded, centered place of being. When we feel cut off from source, we may lose our way from our true path and are separated from nature and our biological source.

The frequencies of the Earth, water sources, plants and animals have an opening and balancing effect on our chakras. These life affirming energies support and stimulate the action of the first three chakras.  When one feels secure, well-fed, and healthy, our consciousness flows to other levels, allowing for transformation and growth. Grounding is simplifying; as it keeps one present to the “here and now.” Our bodies are physically present in this space and time; however, our thoughts and dreams extend outside the boundaries of these physical dimensions. By recognizing the limitations and boundaries of our physical dimension, our intentions are channeled and become more focused. This allows the energies flow into substance creating material manifestation. Grounding acts as a channel for the life energies that surround and support each of us. Grounding also provides a downward channel giving one an outgoing energetic circuit. This prevents psychic overload and provides protection for us from becoming “overloaded” by the tensions of everyday life. Grounding sends stressful vibrations back to the Earth, in effect recycling the energetic stream. When we release stress and tension there is an increase in our vitality levels and life force. When one is grounded, you have the clarity to draw on your abilities and past experiences to handle any situation. When grounded, decisions are more easily made, worries about the future are released, and the enjoyment and magic of the present moment are experienced with a sense of clarity.
Can’t get out and hit the trails?!?
Here are few suggestions to get grounded and connect with your own heaven and earth.

Work with Blue Crystals like Sodalite or Celestite.
Blue crystals inhibit the energy of fear and promote the attitude of “the sky is the limit.” Blue crystals energetically support the choice of the middle way creating balance in our lives. Soothing to the nervous system, the color blue is helpful to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and nervousness. Blue crystals in your environment energetically support a peaceful space without any distractions or disruptions. Blue crystals, the color of the spirit, support a path with integrity filled with faith, steadfastness, and purpose. Blue crystals are soothing for the mental state, relaxing, and focusing thoughts. Creating a mental space, for slowing “it” all down, Blue Crystals support introspection and the release of the perceived “need” to control, so one may be energetically grounded creating the ability to make clear, correct choices in the midst of upheaval and change.
Move and stretch with Yoga or Qigong.
Try this energetic, balancing and grounding stretch. It is great for any time of the day or as a wonderful way to wind down at the end your day.
Stand straight with feet about hips distance apart. Connect with your energy by rubbing your palms together. Once you feel the build up of energy, pull your hands apart, and circle your arms around and up, bringing your palms together over your head. Touch your palms and bring your hands down into prayer position in front of your heart center. Take a deep breath and raise one hand above your head palm facing upwards. As that hand “floats” up, bring the other hand down along the side of your body with palm facing down toward the ground. With the next breath, raise your gaze upward toward your uplifted hand. Gently stretch up and down going with the diagonally, feeling the energetic pull of the stretch along your body from hand to hand. Visualize that you are the connection between heaven and earth. Envision a beam of white light descending from the Heavens, entering the top of your head and going all the way through your central channel, exiting your root chakra down into the Earth. On your exhale, bring your hands back to prayer position in front of your heart center. Repeat the stretch with your opposite hand uplifted. Do this several times on each side. Take slow deep breaths as you envision the oxygen you inhale flowing all the way down to the earth creating a firm foundation for your life. On your last exhale, bend at the waist and let your upper body hang loosely with your hands dangling or lightly touching the ground. When you’re ready to come to a stopping point, slowly come back to a standing position as you image an energy current or white light running down your legs and rooting and grounding deep into the Earth.

Yoga, stretching, or “moving” energy in this manner will stimulate, energize, and clear your chakras, as well as, increase your intuition, spiritual connection, and create a sense of centeredness and awareness in your physical body.

Bring the outdoors inside – mediate and visualize to see and understand the connection of Heaven and Earth within our own bodies, in our relationships, and with our environment.

For more information and crystal suggestions for Grounding

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