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Elemental energies of River and Streams

Posted by Raven Crystals on 3/6/2019 to Gaia Qi and Elemental Energies
Elemental energies of River and Streams

River and streams represent the flow of creativity, how we express our feelings, movement, and purification.  In Chinese tradition, water is one of the five elements and is associated with the direction North. The astrological signs associated with water are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. The element of water is associated with the emotions, time passage and life changes, and adaptability to your circumstances.

Water represents emotions and dreams, fluidity, following the path of least resistance, and is powerfully persistence over long periods of time. Consider the example of the water-carved Grand Canyon which has gone through millions of years of slow, steady erosion to achieve its present day form.

Grand Canyon Havasupai

Soft and yielding, the flow of water is constantly adjusting to the river and stream's environmental conditions as it courses around and finds a way over rocks and other obstacles in the terrain. Because it is fluid, water “shapeshifts” and fills the space of whatever container it is poured into. Water teaches one about adaptability and flexibility. Where are your boundaries? What contains you or limits your ability to be flexible? Take advice from the river and go with the flow, adjusting naturally to follow the path of least resistance. 

Confluence Crossing

                                               photo credit: Erick Gustafson

River and streams are often watery avenues for transport and travel both metaphorically and physically. Crossing water is symbolic of transformation and purification. In mythology, rivers create a boundary between the world of the living and the dead, with the final journey of crossing the river to the other side indicative of “passing over” or death. Traveling along rivers and streams may be symbolic for the journey into the watery realm of dreaming and visions. River and stream energies connect us with nature and others. Creatures and plants found inhabiting these water environments may be helpful as animal totems bringing messages and additional meaning to the river and stream energies.

Rivers and streams offer the analogy of time and the changes that happen throughout life starting at birth and flowing on to death and the end of our life cycle. The movement of the river water is a catalyst and channel for continual forward progress and breaking out of repetitive behavior patterns. River energies support the ability to navigate around shallow ground and areas that are blocked with collected debris. River energies may be helpful for past life issues and for envisioning future goals. 

Rivers and streams are symbols of fertility and prosperity. Rivers and streams offer a source of water, food, fertile soil conditions and sustenance to animal and human living on their banks.

River and streams replenish and refresh energy levels. The flowing water of the rivers and streams releases negative ions into the air which increases the levels of serotonin positively affecting your mood and well-being. Listening to the sounds of the moving water as it courses by is also very soothing and relaxing.

Havasupai Falls


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