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Dumortierite Tumbled Stones
Dumortierite Tumbled Stones

Dumortierite Tumbled Stones

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Beautiful teal blue and sea foam green tumbled Dumortierite crystals from India. Dumortierite is a wonderful crystal tool for centering the self, calming extreme emotional responses, and focusing mental energies. Dumortierite supports self-expression and clear communication especially under stress or situations where one is provoked or feeling hopeless. Known as a "stone of patience," Dumortierite may help one to see, understand, and take in consideration all perspectives regarding a situation. A crystal of insight, Dumortierite activates psychic abilities and stimulates clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Enhancing the mental state, Dumortierite supports discipline and will power in learning, assimilating new information, and studying new languages. Dumortierite assists one with connection to angels and spirit guides. Dumortierite aids in the understanding and verbal communication of spiritual beliefs. Dumortierite lends its supportive energetic vibrations to love relationships by balancing or releasing unstable partnerships. Dumortierite offers support for attracting a soul mate into your life. 

In healing, Dumortierite provides energetic strength for over the long haul and may be helpful for those dealing with chronic illnesses and failure to thrive physical challenges. Dumortierite may provide insight to the root cause of the illness allowing for understanding to help correct the aliment or disease. Dumortierite may be helpful for cellular memory healing, relieving headaches, and those with challenges such as depression, autism, epilepsy and anxiety. Dumortierite may also calm the stomach and intestinal tract relieving nausea, vomiting, cramps, and colic.

.2oz+/ 6g+              .8"+/ 22mm+               1 piece   $1.00

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