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Diamantina Laser Wand Quartz Crystal Points
Diamantina Laser Wand Quartz Crystal Points

Diamantina Laser Wand Quartz Crystal Points

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Natural Diamantina Laser Wand Quartz Crystal Points from Brazil. Natural Diamantina Laser Wand is a powerful crystal healing tool and powerful energy amplifier. Diamantina Laser Points draw and direct energy flow, with energy flowing off when placed away from the body and channeling energy in when pointed inward. Diamantina Laser Quartz may be helpful for focus, as it concentrates and accelerates energy into a tight beam that is suitable for psychic surgery, stimulating acupuncture points, and reaching tiny structures deep within the body, such as pineal or pituitary gland, or performing precision work. Diamantina Laser Wand is believed to have been used in healing in the Temples of Lemuria aeons ago. Diamantina Laser Quartz may be used in crystal healing grids, psychic surgery, detaching entities or attachments and ties from other people energetically cutting away negativity, inappropriate attitudes, outmoded behavior patterns and emotional blockages. 
.3oz+/ 7g       1.8" x .4"/ 47mm x 11mm        1 piece    $8.00

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