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Crystals for Travel

Posted by Raven Crystals on 9/12/2017 to Crystal Healing Tools
Crystals for Travel
In my experience, when working with crystal energies, I find that I am intuitively attracted to the crystals I need most in my daily life or crystals that would be very helpful in particular situations. The focus for me at this time has been on crystals that offer insight and crystalline energetic support during travel whether that be actual physical travel to new places, revisiting a favorite location, or as an inside job with visualization and astral travel. The vibration and resonance of each crystal has a different effect on the environment, physical body, aura, and chakras depending on the energetic attributes of the crystal.
There comes a time when we are called forth to venture out the front door and actually go visit a different place due to a business related trip, vacation, travelling for family reasons, volunteer work, or on an adventure journey. Planes, trains, automobiles, or however you hit the road, wherever you go, you’ll be out of your comfort “home” zone and ripe for new experiences.

Historically, it is said the word “travel” comes from the French word “travail” meaning “work” or the Old English “travelen” meaning “labor or journey.” For many reasons, travel can be challenging, forcing you to deal with all sorts of situations: unplanned delays, overcoming the fear of the unknown, putting yourself out there, feelings of isolation and frustration, dealing with the environment and inclement weather, and just plain exhaustion from constantly being on the go. This can make for some very loooooong days full of the mundane that feel more like work than fun and adventure. Ugh.

Fortunately, most of the time travelling is terrifically rewarding, providing soul renewal, personal enrichment, and heightens the feelings of gratitude, appreciation, and moments of pure "magic."

Here are some helpful travel tips to keep in mind when you are planning and venturing out on your journey:

Write it down ~ a lot goes into planning a trip from initial research, to packing, and then to actually traveling to your chosen destination. Make to-do lists to keep yourself organized and on task and hopefully help to avoid last minute overwhelming travel decisions and stress. Create a travel diary and journal your adventure.
Learn the language and the culture ~ Be respectful as you are a visitor. Obviously super helpful to have an understanding of what is being communicated to you and what is happening around you. Learn a few key words or phrases. Converse and connect with the locals, learn about cool neighborhood spots, make new friends, and fully appreciate as different as we all are, we are so much the same.
Be patient ~ there are a lot of components involved in traveling…. delays, miscommunication, other people, stress, expectations can all test a person's limits. Remember to take a pause, catch your breath, center yourself, and go with the flow. It will be okay.
Safety First! Give your travel itinerary to home based family or friends. Make copies of important travel documents. Be aware of your surroundings and your belongings.
Be flexible and keep your options open ~ sometimes the path less traveled makes all the difference.
Time ~ Give yourself the gift of time. Don't rush from destination to destination. The reward is in the journey.
Smile~ we are all strangers in a strange land. Be kind.
Here are some crystal suggestions to energetically enhance your travel experience:
Green Calcite lessens travel anxiety and is calming. Green Calcite maybe helpful in releasing expectations. Green Calcite helps to support a healthy immune system and protects against infection.

Yellow Jasper is an excellent protector during physical travel.  Yellow Jasper stimulates the solar plexus and creates a channel for positive energy. Yellow Jasper encourages one to get a grip on problems. Tummy troubles while traveling? Yellow Jasper supports healthy digestion.

Turquoise provides protection while traveling, enhances communication, and promotes patience and understanding. Turquoise may be helpful showing that the creation of your "fate" is ongoing depending on what you do at each moment. Turquoise may be helpful to stabilize mood swings, assist in creative problem-solving and calming to the nerves.  

Bloodstone  increases intuition while grounding, protecting, and keeping out undesirable influences. Bloodstone is also known as a “stone of courage,” grounding one fully in their bodies, as well as, giving support and courage as one faces challenges in daily life. Bloodstone aids in the recognition of divine timing - that “chaotic” events may actually be opportunities for transformation. Bloodstone offers support to counter feelings of discouragement and resistance.

Green Apatite helps one in dealing with stressful situations and frayed nerves. Apatite may also decrease the fear of heights.