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Cobaltian Calcite Natural Crystal Specimens
Cobaltian Calcite Natural Crystal Specimens

Cobaltian Calcite Natural Crystal Specimens

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Beautiful dusty rose pink and cranberry red colored natural Cobaltian Calcite crystals on natural dolomite matrix from Kakanda, Congo, Africa. Cobaltian Calcite is a stone of unconditional love and forgiveness. Cobaltian Calcite soothes intense feelings and supports love of self while harmonizing emotions and balancing the intellect. Cobaltian Calcite stimulates creativity, uplifts emotion, promotes harmony, and dispels negativity. Cobaltian Calcite energizes the auric bodies and facilitates a deep, steady connection to the spirit world. Cobaltian Calcite assists one in understanding the cause and effect of karmic lessons which one has or is currently experiencing. Cobaltian Calcite supports forgiveness and the ability to transcend undesirable or challenging circumstances. Cobaltian Calcite may be used to act as a guide to past-lives and to gain access to ancient wisdom, allowing the creation of a reality that is based on one’s highest potential. Cobaltian Calcite is also useful for multi-directional energy distribution and acts as energy vortex center enhancing all psychic abilities. 

In healing, Cobaltian Calcite may inhibit the degeneration of cellular structures by balancing the RNA/DNA structures. Cobaltian Calcite facilitates healthy cellular development and maintenance. 

5.1oz+ / 145g+          2.5" x 1.5"+ / 64mm x 39mm+                     $15.00 each

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