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Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster #010319
Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster

Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster #010319

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Beautiful icy clear Quartz Crystal Cluster with cross, self-healed, and time link configurations from Arkansas, USA. Clear Quartz crystal clusters amplify and radiate energy out to the surrounding environment and enhancing harmony and peace within group situations, in the family and in other social and/or business environments. Quartz Crystal Clusters offer protection and purification. This quartz cluster has some terminations that are encrusted with sparkly self-healed crystals. A Self-healed crystal teaches and facilitates holistic healing. This Quartz crystal cluster also has the configuration of a beautiful cross crystal formation. This Quartz crystal cluster is an excellent crystal tool for use at the crown chakra and for energy amplification. The cluster’s cross crystal formation stabilizes and balances self while removing negative energy implants and other worldly implants. Cross Crystal centers and balances as it activates the chakras and opens one up to the multiplicity of worlds. Cross Crystal is a teacher for all humanity as it helps to promote deeper awareness and appreciation for the creative forces of nature and Gaia herself. Cross crystals facilitate the pursuit of spiritual studies and the appreciation of the Arts and the Sciences. Also found within this quartz crystal cluster are time link configurations. Time Link crystal configurations may be found in two forms, right and left. Time link crystal formation teaches one that time is an illusion. It is suggested to use the concept of time to organize our experiences while on Earth but that, in reality there is no time as we know it.  A left-inclined time link takes you into the past to explore other lives and spiritual dimensions.  A right-inclined time link takes you to apparent future or futures, showing that our future is what we make it.  Some crystals may display both right and left time link configurations. Time link crystals may be used to heal disorders on different sides of the body and to align the chakras, right-inclined treating the chakras from the back and left-inclined from the front of the body. 

6.5oz/ 183g          3.2" x 1.3"/ 81mm x 34mm             $75.00

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