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Chrysanthemum Stone Polished Specimen
Chrysanthemum Stone Polished Specimen

Chrysanthemum Stone Polished Specimen

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Dark charcoal grey and white "flower blooming" patterned Chrysanthemum Stone Polished Specimen from Liuyang Co., Daxi River, Yonghe, Changsha Prefecture, Hunan, China. Chrysanthemum Stone is comprised of dolomite, gypsum-bearing clay, limestone, or porphyry with lath-like crystals of andalusite, celestite, feldspar, or calcite. Chrysanthemum Stone has been said to inspire harmony as it balances energies through positive change. Chrysanthemum Stone offers energetic support encouraging one to follow opportunities that lead you to your true calling.


Chrysanthemum Stone allows one to take the time to drift slowly through the blossoms of life instead of trampling the flowers of experience.  Chrysanthemum Stone is a "stone of harmony and change."  Chrysanthemum Stone is a parody of the "Peter Pan" principle: one need not loose the radiance of youth, only to progress towards spiritual growth while remaining in a state of fresh, fun-loving innocence, to bloom towards the perfect self. Chrysanthemum Stone also helps to eliminate jealousy, animosity and resentment from one's character.  Chrysanthemum Stone is helpful in time travel, assisting one to progress or ascend to desired specific periods of time.


1.9oz / 54g            2.1" x .4" / 53mm x 12mm              $20.00

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