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Carved Bone Horse Totem Beads
Carved Bone Horse Totem Beads

Carved Bone Horse Totem Beads

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Carved bone horse totem bead. Horse symbolizes power, travel and freedom. Horses are thought to have physical unearthly power. Found in shamanic practices throughout the world, horse has enabled shamans to fly through the air and reached the heaven. In understanding Horse, one must learn to strive for balance between personal freedom and relationships. Horse helps one understand that true power is wisdom found in remembering your total journey is about experiencing compassion, caring, teaching, and sharing your gifts, abilities, and LOVE. Horse does not like to be restrained or be constricted. Horse represents action and movement. Learn from the Horse to ride into new pathways to awaken and discover your own personal freedom and power. 

.1oz+ / 1g+          1"+ / 25mm+     1 piece  $2.50

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