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Brown Crystals

Posted by Raven Crystals on 3/14/2024 to Crystal Healing Tools
Brown Crystals

Brown is the color of fertility, the Earth, and is reminiscent of Autumn with the seasonal timing and images of falling leaves, discarded dried out summer berries, seeds, nut shells, and bark shavings found decaying in the moist soil and among decomposing wooden logs of the forest. The natural process of decomposition promotes healthy soil conditions and provides a fertile environment for future growth. Brown crystals may be used to form an energetic link that resonates with the natural elements and seasonal cycles, minerals, crystals, plant and animal kingdoms, and with earth fairies and caretakers.

The color brown is both rich and humble invoking descriptions ranging from the chocolately richness of cacoa or coffee beans to warm, fertile handfuls of moist, organic planting soil. The color brown is created by mixing a palette of colors – red, yellow, and gray. This mixing of colors to create a new color, Brown, represents the energy and intentions of the individual blending beautifully with the collective whole. The color brown represents the call to service and is reflected in some of the clothing associated with specific service roles/careers in the community. Some examples: a monk’s robe, youth scout groups, law enforcement and military uniforms. The color brown is one of the most common colors found in the natural environment. Serving as a cloak of protection for furry creatures, the coloring of brown fur offers camouflage allowing animals to blend in with the surrounding landscape.

Just like the blending of colors to make brown, mud is created when the elements of water and earth combine. Add the elements of controlled fire and heat and you have the creative and functional use of mud: art and dishes from the potter’s wheel and bricks to build solid foundations, buildings, and pathways.

Brown crystals are wonderful energetic tools supportive for grounding. The color brown offers thoughts of mud with analogies about finding balance during periods of transition and transformation. For instance, if the environment is experiencing extreme weather conditions, too much rain or in a drought situation, the terrain may become unstable due to an undermining of the soil’s foundation (mudslides) or the top soil removal (erosion by wind). Acknowledging potential extremes, brown crystals energetically supports balance in life when dealing with unexpected upheavals or as a result of the long term accumulation of circumstances.

The color brown supports the energies associated with “down to earth” practicality and the appropriate usage of available resources.  Offering comfort and nurturing energies, Brown crystals remind us to be gentle, take care of ourselves, and not to overextend our energies with commitments and resources. Use the color brown for establishing a “soft place to land,” and to create a calm and home-like environment that may be helpful in reducing the feelings of stress, anxiety, and nervousness. Let the color brown be a reminder to recharge and reinforce your personal connection to the earth and renew the intentions of balanced abundance and well-being in life.

Muddy Trail

Excessive mud is a warning of getting stuck and bogged down in particular areas of your life. What are you symbolically carrying forward? Think of the temporarily heavy weight of mud clinging to the bottom of your shoes? Wipe or knock the mud off your shoes and keep moving through it. Stay grounded as you trek and avoid the potential slip slide down the slick muddy path of life.

Brown is also the color of confusion, unclear of opinions, as if you can’t see the entire situation due to muddy, murky information and fluid boundaries that have appeared as part of the path you must navigate. Perhaps a mudslide has completely altered the terrain resulting in a new homestead and environmental reality. It takes strength and courage to face discouraging circumstances, perceived fears, and the muddy places in our energy fields. Dig deep, ground down, and keep moving through IT. Use brown crystals to support the understanding of divine timing and the powerful forces of nature.  Trust that you are supported energetically by the earth and the resources necessary to support you in a caring, loving, protective manner.

In healing, the color brown may be used to stimulate the appetite and support a “back to basics” sensible approach to life style changes.