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Roman Glass Pendant
Roman Glass Pendant

Roman Glass Pendant

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Beautiful Roman Glass Pendant with iridescent patina surface on a teal leather cord. Roman Glass is ancient glass discovered in archaeological excavation sites located in present day countries of the Mediterranean region. Prior to the invention and implementation of glass blowing around 50 BC, Roman glass products were selectively available to the wealthy. With glass blowing, glass products became more available to the Roman public and for wide exportation in trade throughout the Roman Empire. The Roman glass industry rapidly developed, and glass vessels, such as bottles, small boxes, dinnerware, and cups became commonplace throughout the empire and were exported to places as far away as Northern Europe and the Far East. Romans also used glass in elaborate designs for decorated floor and wall mosaics, mirrors, and as windowpanes in public baths to prevent drafts and for privacy. Roman glass are unique recycled pieces of ancient artisan glass shaped and influenced by the elements of geology and weather. Weathered by the environmental elements of sand, soil and the oxidation of surrounding pigment inclusions, Roman glass pieces are semi-translucent beautiful bluish green in color with bubbles and surface textures of impurities. Please handle Roman Glass with care as it is sensitive to liquid. Liquid may cause discoloration and cloudiness.

.2oz / 7g          .9" x .3" / 23mm x 7mm               $30.00

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