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Blue Barite Crystal Clusters
Blue Barite Crystal Clusters

Blue Barite Crystal Clusters

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Transparent gray blue colored bladed barite crystals clustered on brown hematite from Morocco, Africa. Barite resonates with the optimistic, limitless energies of all things are possible. The energy of Barite may be used to enhance love and to stimulate teamwork. Barite provides insight into the “relationship connection” allowing the realization of independence, motivation, and the expectations of others and of your role in terms of the relationship. Barite may be used for the renewal of intuitive energies and communication of new ideas and thoughts. Barite gives one the incentive to “go for it” and assists with the manifestation of turning your dreams into a physical reality. Barite assists one in detaching from old behavioral patterns while supporting and encouraging the openness for new opportunities to reach one's goals. 

In healing, Barite may be used for removal of toxins from the body, to stimulate vision, and to assist in the recovery of addictions. For those who seek insights and release of trapped emotions, Barite is an excellent crystal tool for meditation bringing a calm presence and a heightened intuitive state. 

.7oz+ / 19g+       1.3"+  / 34mm+       1 specimen        $20.00 

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