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Blue Aragonite Polished Crystal Point
Blue Aragonite Polished Crystal Point

Blue Aragonite Polished Crystal Point

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Stunning Blue Aragonite free form point with beautifully naturally colored banded patterns from Congo, Africa. A stone of intuition, Blue Aragonite facilitates deeper mental and psychic perception and clearer understanding of situations. Blue Aragonite aligns one with timing and going with the natural flow of cycles. Blue Aragonite’s energetic vibrations are uplifting to the spirit and for physical perseverance in overcoming potential challenges. Blue Aragonite offers support during the low periods and appreciation for the Blue Aragonite energetic vibrations may be calming to the nervous system and helpful for breathing issues and breathwork. highs of life. Blue Aragonite is a wonderful crystal tool for Reiki energy and crystal healing. Bue Aragonite is a crystal for connection with higher consciousness and angelic guidance. A crystal for the throat chakra, Blue Aragonite enhances communication, vocalization of emotions, and the expression of creative thoughts and feelings.

7.9oz / 225g              2.9" x 2.5" x 1.6" / 75mm x 65mm x 42mm           $50.00

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