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Black Onyx Tumbled Stones
Black Onyx Tumbled Stones

Black Onyx Tumbled Stones

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Beautiful larger sized Black Onyx tumbled stones.  Black Onyx is a strength giver, providing energetic support in difficult and confusing circumstances. Mentally, Black Onyx may be helpful in facilitating centering and balance, aligning with higher power and guidance. Black Onyx may be energetically supportive for increasing and maintaining focus on the task at hand and for learning and assimilating new material. Black Onyx may boost memory and attention to detail. Black Onyx may be mentally soothing, alleviating overwhelming fears and worries. Black Onyx supports self-mastery and will power vibrationally increasing one’s personal power. Focus and discipline brought by Black Onyx’s grounding energies supports completion of goals and projects without depleting physical resources.   


In healing, Black Onyx may be beneficial for teeth, bones, bone marrow, blood disorders and the feet.

1.7oz+ / 49g+         1.4"+ / 35mm+              1 piece    $4.00

For more information ~ Black Crystals  

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