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Basalt Polished Gallets
Basalt Polished Gallets

Basalt Polished Gallets

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Beautiful polished black basalt gallets from Madagascar, Africa. These smooth polished basalt gallets or worry stones would make excellent "hand comforters" to use in times of stress. Basalt is comforting and grounding allowing one to be more “present” in their life. Basalt helps one to balance responsibilities with personal freedom. Basalt’s vibrational energies are supportive of mental activities, flashes of inspiration and quick-thinking processes. Basalt supports creative expression and balances the frequency of brain-wave transmissions. Basalt may help you identify and move through energetic blockages caused by feelings of exhaustion, self-doubt, depression, inertia, helplessness, and confusion.

5.7oz+ / 163g+               2" x 1.4"+   /   52mm x 37mm          1 piece         $10.00

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