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Aragonite Brown Tumbled Stones
Aragonite Brown Tumbled Stones

Aragonite Brown Tumbled Stones

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Gorgeous brown-white speckled banded Aragonite tumbled stones from Peru.  Aragonite's energetic vibration is attuned to the Earth Goddess and stabilizes the base and the earth chakras.  Aragonite has the ability to center and ground physical energies and is a wonderful crystal tool that is useful in times of stress to combat feelings of anger and emotional duress. Aragonite restores mental balance for meditation, raising vibrations to a high spiritual level and brings energy to the physical body. 

In healing, Aragonite may lessen pain, stops night twitches, and muscle spasms. Aragonite strengthens the immune system and regulates processes going too fast. In environmental healing, Aragonite may be placed on a map to heal stress lines in the Earth.   
1oz+/ 28g+                   1.1"+/ 29mm+        1 piece         $2.00 

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