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Angelite Tumbled Stones
Angelite Tumbled Stones

Angelite Tumbled Stones

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Beautiful sky blue Angelite Tumbled stones from Peru. Angeltite is a powerful stone as it deepens attunement, heightens perception, and enables verbalization and communication of love and light to the world. Angelite facilitates conscious contact with the angelic realm. Angelite assists one with the release of earthly bonds facilitating the connection with one’s higher-self and personal inner truth. The light frequencies of Angelite are healing to the Fifth Chakra, the Throat Chakra. Angelite helps you speak your truth and to be more accepting and compassionate, especially of that which cannot be changed. Angelite helps one to communicate in a clear, concise and balanced way. Angelite is also a stone of compassion. The energetic vibration of Angelite is soothing to the emotional body creating lightness of being when facing a challenge. Angelite may facilitate divine guidance through the development of psychic abilities such as channeling, mediumship, and clairvoyance. Angelite is also a very powerful tool for dream work as it may help one remain in a lucid dream state and remember the guidance received in dreams. Angelite helps one to tune into past life memories and the Akashic records. Angelite helps one to interpret and understand the symbolic content of dreams and inner visions.

In healing, Angelite may be used in the treatment of infectious dis-ease, to correct deficiencies of the hemoglobin, to renew and repair that which has degraded. Angelite may also be used in the treatment of inflammations and afflictions of the throat, as it helps to balance the thyroid and parathyroid, and supports the healthy function of the thymus. Angelite fosters energetic support for bone density and growth. Angelite may also be useful for issues with arthritis and osteoporosis, and helps to dissolve calcification in the joints. Angelite alleviates symptoms relative to proper functioning of the heart. 

 .6oz+ / 17g+        1"+ / 26mm+        1 piece        $3.00

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