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Angel Aura Quartz Crystal Point
Angel Aura Quartz Crystal Point

Angel Aura Quartz Crystal Point

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Stunning iridescent Angel Aura Quartz crystal point. This flashy Angel Aura crystal point was created when natural clear quartz was bonded with vaporized pure platinum and silver in a high temperature vacuum chamber. The combined energy of quartz, platinum and silver creates a unique rainbow spectrum of subtle energies bridging Heaven and Earth. Angel Aura Quartz has a sweet and uplifting “angelic” energetic vibration. Angel Aura assists in recall of past incarnations, spiritual purpose/path insights and creates an open channel for communication with your angelic guides. Angel Aura is a crystal for creating peace and harmony. Angel Aura crystals may be used to activate the chakras, aura clearing and to enhance other minerals for healing work and body layouts. Angel Aura crystal balances polarities and heals the auric field. Angel Aura is a master healer crystal for all healing conditions and offers a pathway for manifestation and creating abundance in your life. 

8.3oz  / 236g         3.7" x 1.6" / 95mm x 42mm                  $60.00

For more information ~ Angel Aura

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