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Amazonite Polished Hearts
Amazonite Polished Hearts

Amazonite Polished Hearts

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Vibrant teal colored Amazonite polished heart carvings from Africa. Known as a stone of harmony, Amazonite is a stone for peacemaking. Amazonite dispels negative energy releasing one from worry and fear. Amazonite identifies negative emotional patterning and limited thinking. Amazonite acts as a filter for information passing through the brain and combines it with intuition. Amazonite facilitates clarity and the ability to see both sides of a situation. Amazonite helps one to voice their true thoughts and feelings. The shape of these beautiful Amazonite hearts symbolize love and reminds us to listen to our “true voice” as we create a loving, compassionate relationship with ourselves and others. Amazonite supports the grieving process, as it helps to release grief from the emotional body creating balance and facilitating the constructive expression of what may have been left unsaid. Amazonite provides protection when astral traveling and exploring the higher realms of consciousness.  

In healing, Amazonite may relieve muscle spasms and help to dissipate energy blockages and improve the energetic flow of neural impulses. Amazonite is also beneficial in balancing metabolic processes related to calcium assimilation in conditions such as osteoporosis, tooth decay, calcium deficiency and calcium deposits. Amazonite may be helpful in cell regeneration and healing after injury. Amazonite may be helpful in preventing hair loss and helps to repair brittle hair and nails. 

      .7oz+ / 21g+                   1.3"+ / 35mm+                    1 heart      $5.00    
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