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Aegerine Crystal Blades
Aegerine Crystal Blades

Aegerine Crystal Blades

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High-frequency vibration black Aegerine Crystal blades from Malawi, Africa. Aegerine Crystals enhance the healing power of other crystals, as well as activates positive flow in your life. Aegerine is a protective stone, shielding one from psychic attacks, negative energies, and mental influences.  Aegerine is a powerful energy generator and an excellent crystal tool for focusing for personal or environmental healing. Aegerine is an excellent crystal tool for unifying group efforts by concentrating positive energy to all who are present in the area. Aegerine assists in facing karma with integrity and empowers the quest for your true self. Aegerine provides the strength to follow your personal convictions. Aegerine dissolves thought forms, repairs the aura and helps to repair bio-magnetic sheath after attachment removal and or removal of negative energies.  Aegerine transmutes grief after separation and removes energy blockages from the emotional body enhancing positive vibrations. 

        1g+                  1"+ /  25mm+              1 piece    $3.00 
 For more information ~ Aegerine and Black Crystals

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