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Natural Large Sized Zebra Calcite Crystal #100319
Zebra Calcite Crystal

Natural Large Sized Zebra Calcite Crystal #100319

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Beautiful smoky grey, white and creamy yellow banded natural large sized Zebra Calcite Crystal Specimen from Mexico. Zebra Calcite Crystals energetically nurtures feelings of individualism, self-expression, and generates the courage to explore beyond perceived limitations and experience JOY in all your accomplishments. Much like the animal it is named for, this gray and yellow colored Zebra Calcite fosters compassion and understanding of others, relationships, and situations. Zebra Calcite is a wonderful crystal tool for the greatest good of self and the community with energies that are helpful for alleviating hostility, irritability, indifference, and melancholy. Zebras are social animals and typically gather and live as members of small harems, or family groupings, which are part of a larger herd. Zebras often form mixed herds with other animals such as gazelles, wildebeests, and giraffes. This symbiotic grouping of animals offers greater protection in numbers from predators and utilizes the Zebras’ acute senses and verbal whinnying as an early warning indicator of trouble. Zebra Calcite is a protective stone, facilitating connection and a sense of belonging, and encourages safe boundaries. Zebra Calcite helps one face challenges and perceived problems with integrity and courage. The patterning on Zebra Calcite creates a vibrational synergy making this crystal a powerful source for energetic grounding and connection while supporting physical vitality and a return of outward interests and involvement after a period of self-reflection.

In healing, Zebra Calcite may be helpful in preventing or alleviating insect bites, as a coolant, and supportive for eyesight, hearing, and the sense of smell. Zebra Calcite may also be supportive for the immune system, healthy liver function, clearing pollutants and toxins from the body, stimulating and cleansing to organs, and for skin conditions.

3lbs 11oz / 1.673kg            6.1" x 3.7" x  3.4"/ 156mm x 94mm x 86mm           $90.00

Metaphysical and healing attributes

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