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Zebra Rock Skull Carving #041617
Zebra Rock Skull Carving

Zebra Rock Skull Carving #041617

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Black and white patterned Zebra Rock Skull Carving. Zebra Rock is a mixture of Quartz, Basalt, and Dolomite. This combination of minerals creates a vibrational synergy making this crystal skull a powerful metaphysical tool for energetic grounding and connection while supporting physical vitality and endurance. Zebra Rock fosters compassion and understanding of others, relationships, and situations. Zebra Rock helps one to look beyond superficial attributes and recognize connection and the loving spirit which may be found in all beings.  Zebra Rock is a great crystal tool for athletes, as Zebra Rock is said to stimulate one’s physical energy and increases stamina and endurance. Zebra Rock would make a great companion stone for long distance runners as it may help to maintain that “winning” attitude, endurance for the duration of the race, and focus on the finish line. Zebra Rock’s energetic vibration creates courage for one to explore perceived limitations and experience JOY in all your accomplishments. 

2.4oz/ 68g         1.1" x 1.8"x 1.3" / 30mm x 47mm x 33mm                    $25.00


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