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Vanadinite Natural Mineral #050918
Vanadinite Natural Mineral

Vanadinite Natural Mineral #050918

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Gorgeous burnt orange colored Vanadinite crystals with aggregates of white barite on matrix from Morocco. Vanadinite promotes order to one's life, helping one to define goals and pursue in an orderly manner. Vanadinite may be helpful in managing your resources as its vibrations guard against squandering energy and promotes the conservation of energy at the physical level. Vanadinite is an aid to meditation, shutting off mind chatter. Vanadinite facilitates a state of “no mind” and may be used to direct awareness consciously for psychic vision and journeying. Vanadinite has the power to open an internal channel within the body to receive "downloads" of universal energy and wisdom. Vanadinite’s energy resonates and aligns the chakras and bringing the higher self into the physical body. White Barite symbolizes hope and the realization that all things are possible. Barite provides insight into the “relationship connection” allowing the realization of independence, motivation, and the expectations of others and of your role in terms of the relationship. White Barite may be used for the renewal of intuitive energies and communication of new ideas and thoughts. Barite gives one the incentive to “go for it” and assists with the manifestation of making your dreams become a physical reality.  

In healing, Vanadinite may be useful for breathing difficulties such as asthma and congested lungs. Vanadinite may be helpful in the treatment of chronic exhaustion and bladder problems. If using Vanadinite as an elixir, only one made by the indirect method may be taken internally. Barite may be used for removal of toxins from the body, to stimulate vision, and to assist in the recovery of addictions. Barite may also soothe and smooth the nervous system.

4.9oz/ 139g     3"x 1.9" x 1"/ 77mm x 48mm x 27mm       $45.00

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