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Vogel cut crystal wand

CHAKRA(S): All especially Etheric  

VIBRATION: Number 1 and 4   


ATTRIBUTES:  The Vogel Wand Quartz Crystal is a faceted shaped crystal created by Marcel Vogel (1917-1991), a research Scientist who studied the energies and positive healing effects of Quartz Crystals. Vogel-cut crystals are crystal instruments that serve to store, amplify, convert and charge subtle energies alike. Marcel Vogel cut wand to reflect the alchemical transmutation of "as above, so below." The Vogel wand was cut to match the frequency of water molecules so that it would resonate with the liquid found in physical structure of our cells enabling crystalline vibrations to transmit and amplify energy at the most optimum levels. Marcel Vogel believed the real origin of illness is found in the Etheric body. The Etheric body is said to hold the memory of physical or emotional injury and may become stagnant, distorted or stuck, resulting in illness. According to Vogel, when light from the higher realm comes into a person's body, it can get refracted when Etheric body is not stable, resulting to illness.  The Vogel cut crystal wands give immediate access to the Etheric body, stabilizing and bringing it back to optimum condition, even when there is physical or emotional trauma.  When using a Vogel cut crystal, the first step is to send clear intentions, healing and love as one meditates with the wand over the thymus (located in the middle chest or higher heart).  The person doing the treatment with a Vogel cut crystal wand directs the crystal's energies in an amplified manner with an up and down motion in close proximity to the person's body. The individual receiving treatment visualizes the area to be treated and focuses on the cause of discomfort, imaging released with a pulse of breath.  The Vogel cut crystal energetically breaks up and clears patterns of trauma stored in bones, organs or tissues.  

HEALING: Vogel Wand Quartz Crystal is a master healer and may be used for any condition. Vogel Wand Quartz Crystal stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance. Vogel Wand Quartz Crystal is excellent for soothing burns, harmonizing all the chakras and aligns the subtle bodies. Vogel Wand Quartz Crystal may be used in the treatment of disorders of spinal alignment, circulatory disorders, ameliorate toxicity, strengthen the structure of the veins and disseminate and disperses growths. Vogel Wand Quartz Crystal may be beneficial in balancing polarities, carpal tunnel syndrome, strokes, multi dimensional cellular and memory healing. Vogel Wand Quartz Crystal are efficient receptors for programming, healing and bringing the body into balance.  Like a Laser, Vogel wands cut out the dis-eased or outworn, opening new energy channels in the subtle and physical bodies. 


FOUR-SIDED Vogel Wands have the ability to create a foundation or fundamental relationship with things. Four-sided Vogel wands are helpful crystal tools to use for manifestation and to heal the body.  Four-sided Vogel wands may be used to amplify thoughts or visualization. 

SIX-SIDED Vogel Wands have the ability to create a Merkaba or relationship between two opposing elements. Six-sided Vogel Wands may be useful in out-of-body astral travel.  Six-sided Vogel Wands may be used to receive information from beings or higher entities. Six-sided Vogel Wands create a reflection of subtle energy work offering support to heal emotional problems. 

EIGHT-SIDED Vogel Wands have the ability to create a state of super conscious or  expand a sense of awareness.  Eight-sided Vogel wands may be used to move beyond the mind into a non-linear reality.  Eight-sided Vogel wands facilitate soul development and clear away illusions or delusions of the mind.  Eight-sided Vogel wands may be used for treating deep shock and severe trauma.  

NINE-SIDED Vogel Wands have the ability to connect with the energies of the spaces in between or the Void. Nine-Sided Vogel wands are information processors. Nine-Sided Vogel wands remove unnecessary information and are effective in moving elements out of the environment prior to receiving information. 

TWELVE-SIDED Vogel Wands focus consciousness and are effective in receiving information and creating unlimited reality. Twelve-sided Vogel wands are excellent and efficient manifestation tools.  Be careful what you ask for, because you are going to get it, in spades and probably a lot faster than you expect.  

THIRTEEN-SIDED Vogel wands have the ability to hold thoughts and to know the unknown. Thirteen-sided Vogel Wands connects one to the Divine and universal consciousness. 

SIXTEEN-SIDED Vogel Wands persevere, strengthen, and focus determination while healing.  Sixteen-sided Vogel Wands are excellent for people recovering from any type of poor health: emotional, mental, spiritual and physical.  Sixteen-sided Vogel Wands helps one find their true path focusing the will in order to find one's destiny.  

TWENTY-FOUR-SIDED Vogel Wands is a more extensive version of the four, six, eight sided cut Vogel crystal wands. The Twenty-four sided Vogel Wand combines and contains the full spectrum harmonics of all of these. The Twenty-four sided Vogel Wand may be used for manifestation as it amplifies thoughts and visualization, creating a Merkaba and while clearing away illusions or any delusions of the mind. 

THIRTY-THREE-SIDED Vogel Wands have the ability to create a pattern that replicates itself. The Thirty-three sided Vogel Wand is effective for expansion of thought. The Thirty-three sided Vogel Wand creates an infinite array of information that is continually reflected or radiated outwards.  

SUGGESTIONS FOR USING VOGEL WANDS AND GROUNDING PLATES: Start by clearly, concisely, and specifically writing your intentions on a piece of paper.  Place your paper with your written intention(s) beneath the grounding plate. Meditate on your intentions while holding the Vogel wand. Next place the Vogel wand on the grounding plate. Repeat as often as you like until your intention manifests in physical form.