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CHAKRA(S): Crown, Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart


ZODIAC: Pisces

CHARACTERISTICS: Access ancient wisdom, past life healing, and vitality


ATTRIBUTES: Verdite is a light to dark green Serpentine-like mineral dating back 3500 million years ago. This beautiful green stone of Africa, is also known as Budstone or African Jade. Verdite accesses and integrates the past, present, future and is an excellent crystal tool for past-life exploration accessing information from ancient spirit guides and the akashic records. Verdite is a crystal tool for focus and homeostasis correcting mental and physical imbalances while directing healing energy toward problem and blocked areas. Verdite is balancing emotionally and spiritually as well, and resonates with the energies of helpfulness, trustworthiness, and self-control. Verdite helps manifest true potential by supporting feelings of self-confidence enabling positive movement forward and the achievement of fulfillment and harmony in life. The color green represents the power to physically move and the will power to consciously drive our life with vital renewing energies. Verdite crystals make wonderful energetic tools that are supportive for positive life enriching thoughts and actions. Verdite is associated with youthfulness, growth and renewal, and nature. Verdite’s vibrant energies reminds one that we are all part of the cycle of flow. Verdite creates an awareness of the meaning and the measurement of time while supporting feelings of abundance, strength, and harmony.

HEALING: The energetic vibrations from Verdite may have a soothing effect on the sympathetic nervous system and may be helpful to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, nervousness, while alleviating insomnia and fatigue. Physically, Verdite may be supportive for healthy heart functions and acts like a tonic for improving circulation, cleansing the blood, lowering blood pressure and dilating the capillaries. Verdite may be used to assist in raising diminished oxygen levels within the body.


Verdite is an excellent stone, with its beautiful green colors, to use in the creation of jewelry and sculpture carvings.

Verdite is an earthling stone that aids meditation and spiritual exploration.

In crystal body layouts or healing grids, Verdite stimulates the energy centers of the first four chakras to encourage the movement of the kundalini energy, marking the progression through the spiritual plane. When placed on the throat, Verdite aids one with communication and speaking about the past in order to resolve issues carried over into the present.

For Gaia Healing, Verdite may be placed in an area of disturbed Earth energy. Verdite is a useful stone for crystal healing grids, as it corrects imbalances and assists with directing healing energy toward problem areas.