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CHAKRA(S): Third Eye

VIBRATION: Number 8 & 33 

ZODIAC: Gemini

ATTRIBUTES: Ulexite is also known as "T-V Rock" and its ability to magnify anything placed under it.  Ulexite is a clear stone that brings things into focus and clarity on the inner and spiritual levels, excellent for understanding the meaning of dreams and visions.  It takes you to the core of problems, pointing the way to resolutions and activating solutions.  It is a stone of revelation to the physical world, aids the ability to see into another's heart, knowing their thoughts and feelings so decisions can be based on complete knowing.  Ulexite's soft energy is beneficial for meditation, relaxation and when placed on the third eye, enhances visualization.  It also dispels negative mental energy, balances yin-yang energies and aligns subtle bodies.  This stone enhances imagination, stimulates creativity especially in business and an excellent stone to use when things gets out of proportion.

HEALING: Ulexite is used to bring clarity to the eyes, as a skin elixir for smoothing wrinkles and should not be left long in the water as it has a tendency to dissolve.  This stone can be worn or placed on the eyes, the third eye, an excellent meditation stone when you gaze into its depths.