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Charoite Tumbled Stone #042918
Charoite Tumbled Stone

Charoite Tumbled Stone #042918

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Lovely dark violet with speckles of black manganese tumbled Charoite crystals from Russia. Charoite energetically supports spiritual transformation by synthesizing the heart and the crown chakras stimulating inner vision and spiritual insight. Charoite integrates negative qualities and recycles them into a renewed sense of motivation and vitality. Charoite helps to release deep fears, reduce stress and worry and supports the recognition of the power of living in the present moment. Charoite cleanses the aura, fosters feelings of unconditional love and encourages shifting to relating on a higher level and providing deep physical and emotional healing. 


In healing, Charoite re-vitalizes the body when energy levels have been depleted as it heals and integrates energy levels back into balance. Charoite transmutes negative energy into positive healing potential converting dis-ease into a state of wellness. 

.3oz+/ 8g+               .9"+/ 24mm+           1 piece       $20.00

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