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Smoky Quartz Crystal Cluster #051419
Smoky Quartz Crystal Cluster

Smoky Quartz Crystal Cluster #051419

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Translucent dark brown colored Smoky Quartz Crystal Cluster from Brazil. Smoky Quartz is a wonderful crystal tool with grounding and protective energy may provide balance during periods of transition and transformation. Smoky Quartz crystal calming energy may be helpful in relieving feelings of fear and depression. Smoky Quartz crystal aids with manifestation helping to bring dreams and intention into physical reality. Smoky Quartz crystals re-establishes a healthy energy flow and reinforces the personal connection to the earth and renews the intentions of balanced abundance and well-being in life. Smoky Quartz Crystals offer comforting and nurturing energies reminding us to be gentle, take care of ourselves, and not to overextend our energies with commitments and resources.

In healing, Smoky Quartz is effective for ailments of the lower part of the physical body such as the abdomen, hips, and legs. Smoky Quartz benefits the reproductive system, muscle, and nerve tissue, and the heart. Smoky Quartz dissolves cramps, strengthens the back and fortifies the nerves. Smoky Quartz aids assimilation of minerals and regulates liquids within the body.


 1.8oz / 50g            2.1" x .8" x 1.6"/ 54mm  x 21mm x 41mm          $20.00 

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