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CHAKRA(S): Throat and Third Eye 


ZODIAC: Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces 

ATTRIBUTES: Beautiful teal green color Turquoise is an efficient healer providing solace for the spirit and well-being for the body.  Turquoise is a protective stone and has been used as an amulet for centuries and it is believed to change color warning of impending danger. Turquoise promotes spiritual alignment and enhances communication with the physical and spiritual worlds.  When placed on the third eye, Turquoise may enhance intuition and meditation.  Placed on the throat chakra, Turquoise may help to release old vows, inhibitions, and prohibitions, allowing the soul to express itself once more.  Turquoise may be helpful in exploring past lives and showing that the creation of your "fate" is ongoing depending on what you do at each moment.  Turquoise is referred to as a purification stone removing negativity, cleans electromagnetic smog, and protects against pollutants from the environment. Turquoise may be helpful to stabilize mood swings, assisting in creative problem-solving and calming for the nerves when speaking in public. Turquoise is an excellent stone for exhaustion, depression or panic attacks.  

HEALING: Turquoise strengthens the meridians of the body, and the subtle energy fields. Turquoise enhances the psychic and physical immune systems, regenerates tissues, supports the assimilation of nutrients, alleviates pollution, viral infections and heals the body. Turquoise heals the eyes, including cataracts, the stomach, an anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and alleviates cramps and pain. Turquoise may be placed anywhere on the throat, third eye, solar plexus and an excellent elixir.
TIBETAN TURQUOISE is green in color and carries a slightly different vibration from the more vivid blue specimens of Turquoise. Tibetan Turquoise may be useful for healing throat issues.