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CHAKRA(S): Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Etheric, Soul Star  

VIBRATION: Number 2  

ZODIAC: Gemini, Libra, Pisces, & Sagittarius  

ATTRIBUTES: Lilac-blue Tanzanite is also known as Lavender-Blue Zoisite. Tanzanite offers high vibration transmutation through the Violet Flame linking one to the Angelic Realms, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and Christ Consciousness.  Ancient legends state that Tanzanite energetically links to the Shamans of Tanzania, dolphins and Lemuria.  Tanzanite facilitates altered states of consciousness, inner and outer journeying, metaphysical abilities, deeper meditation, inter dimensional travel and connects to the Akashic Records. Tanzanite opens and connects with the subtle Chakras on the bio-magnetic sheath, energetically soaring with the soul star while feeling grounded physically. Tanzanite facilitates multi-dimensional cellular and karmic healing preparing for the soul’s ascension. Tanzanite may be helpful in dissolving old patterns of karmic disease when combined with Iolite and Danburite in past-life healing work.  This crystal activates the Third-Eye, Crown and Etheric chakras producing visions, messages, and information from higher-vibration sources.  Tanzanite integrates the energies of the heart and mind, allowing for more feelings of compassion and love. The heart healing energies of Tanzanite help to create a loving and centered way of being which in turn generates a state of happiness and worry-free environment. 

HEALING: Tanzanite may be useful in calming an overactive mind, thyroid or exhausted adrenals.  Tanzanite may be beneficial for reprogramming cellular memory, past-life healing, hearing-loss, workaholics, depression, and anxiety. Tanzanite supports healthy hair, skin, head, throat, chest, kidneys and the nerves.  Tanzanite may be used to reduce inflammation, boast the immune system, promote cell regeneration, and support healthy spleen and pancreas.