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tangerine quartz crystal

CHAKRA(S): Base and Sacral  

VIBRATION: Number 7   

ZODIAC: Leo and Libra  

ATTRIBUTES: Tangerine Quartz Crystal is naturally coated transparent orange with inclusions or encrustations of iron or other trace minerals. Tangerine Quartz crystal is a manifestation crystal and increases the flow of abundance into one's life. Tangerine Quartz Crystal may take you beyond your limited belief system. Tangerine Quartz Crystal realigns the aura and the etheric blueprints and is an excellent crystal tool to use after a shock or trauma, especially at the soul level. Tangerine Quartz Crystal may be used for soul retrieval and integration and to heal after psychic attack. Tangerine Quartz may be used in past-life healing and is beneficial where the soul feels it has made a mistake leading to regret, releasing feelings of guilt and the need to make reparations. The soul learns to find the gift in the experience and demonstrates that like attracts like and teaches one how to both give and receive.  Tangerine Quartz stimulates the joyful, creative energy of the inner child, encourages playfulness and the ability to explore one's world and experience with fearless curiosity.  Tangerine Quartz releases the fear of appearing stupid and encourages questioning nature that admits ignorance and pursue new understanding. Tangerine Quartz activates and harmonizes the sacral chakra stimulating and blending one's creativity and sexual desires. Tangerine Quartz Crystal provides energies for spiritual growth and stimulates the flow of creative energy. Meditating with Tangerine Quartz facilitates an increase of new ideas and inspirations and may be used to activate sexual desires especially when the stone is placed at or near the sacral chakra.  Partners can meditate or sleep within a grid of Tangerine Quartz crystals for enhancement of mutual creativity of new inspirations and may increase the level of eroticism in the relationship. Tangerine Quartz Crystal imparts abundant energy and stabilizes the link between physical and subtle bodies, enhancing sexuality and enters every cell of the body, recharging and invigorating cell functions, imparting physical and psychological strength.    

HEALING: Tangerine Quartz Crystal is a master healer for any condition, multi- cellular memory healer, efficient receptor for programming, brings the body into balance, and energy enhancer. Tangerine Quartz stimulates the glands, particularly the gonads, used to stimulate sluggish adrenals and other related glands and to encourage abundant energy. Tangerine Quartz Crystal may be beneficial for infertility, frigidity, reproductive system, intestines, assimilation of vitamins and iron, balancing acidity, alkalinity, and removing free radicals. Tangerine Quartz stimulates the immune system. Tangerine Quartz is an excellent stone to those prone to nervous exhaustion or physical depletion. Tangerine Quartz increases vitality, highly programmable and may amplify one's intention in any area especially those inspired by love and compassion.  Tangerine Quartz uplifts one's mood and puts one into a state of serenity and peace allowing one to perceive and receive the love energies of the higher planes.