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Stromatolite Fossil Polished Wand #081219
Stromatolite Fossil Polished Wand

Stromatolite Fossil Polished Wand #081219

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Beautiful dark green Stromatolite fossil polished wand with swirly black botryoidal patterns. Stromatolite fossils resonate with the energies of the earliest evolution of life on Earth. Stromatolite fossils are created from 2300 million year Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae). Stromatolite fossils represent our earliest and most pervasive record of life on Earth. Once the dominant life form on the planet, Cyanobacteria is responsible for the creation of Earth’s oxygen atmosphere past and present. Cyanobacteria form an important part of the world's biomass today, especially in the oceans. Cyanobacteria thrive in extreme environments due to their relative lack of complexity. They were also very susceptible to being overwhelmed by more complex organisms, and are therefore often found in areas which other organisms cannot survive, or paired with other, more hardy forms of life. Energetically, Stromatolite fossils offer one support and persistence when coping and dealing with extremes. Stromatolite fossils remind us of the important connection to the cycles of life, time, eternity and evolution. Stromatolite fossil wands are excellent energetic healing tools to work through past life situations and for releasing whatever no longer serves your higher purpose. The green colored Stromatolite fossil wand has a very calming and soothing energy promoting feelings of tranquility and contentment that allows for the reduction of anxiety and stress while balancing the emotions. Stromatolite fossil wands may be helpful for directing and releasing old behavior patterns and by doing so, creates the space and foundation for productive change. Stromatolite fossil may also be helpful in keeping one grounded, aiding in stability and physically stamina.

In healing, Stromatolite fossil may be helpful in assisting with curing diseases and aliments of the bones, skeletal system, hands and feet. 

6.9oz/ 197g             5.4" x 1.2"/ 139mm x 30mm              $30.00

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