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Spirit Quartz Crystals #082518
Spirit Quartz Crystals

Spirit Quartz Crystals #082518

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Lovely natural lilac gray colored Spirit Fairy Quartz Crystal covered in druzy crystals from South Africa.  Gray hued Spirit Fairy Quartz Crystal activates and aligns the base chakra with the third eye chakra, grounding and creating awareness of spiritual insight that happens living everyday life. Spirit Quartz is a strongly protective crystal with powerful cleansing properties for integration. Spirit Quartz is an effective crystal tool for shamanic work, journeying, and hospice work. Spirit Quartz cleanses the subtle bodies, removing karmic and emotional debris and reprograms cellular memory, ensuring a good rebirth.  Spirit Quartz is beneficial for any work that entails visiting the underworld or exploring the subconscious minds. Spirit Quartz helps one recognize and release deeply held emotions, dis-ease, and traumatic memories.

In healing, Spirit Quartz is a master healer and offers multi-dimensional healing while refreshing cellular memory.  Spirit Quartz is beneficial for detoxification, fertility, and skin eruptions.  Spirit Quartz holistically brings the body into balance.  

1.7oz/ 47g         3" x .9"/ 77mm x 24mm         $30.00

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